Did you say Education..?

Did you say Education..?


For a society, education is the means of initiating its young into adulthood. This involves preparing them for the world by imparting knowledge and skills, and also  passing on everything from customs, traditions, values and collective memories. As the world changes, people need to re-learn the new ways and often un-learn the old ones. Thus education has to be life-long, for the students and the teachers alike.

The tools of education have evolved throughout human civilization. They varied from story-telling to discourses and dialogs, from cave paintings to printed texts and manuals, and from apprenticeships to vocational training. From time to time, new types of tools have emerged, leading to an overhaul of the educational systems.

When the goals and the tools change – and they change rapidly, the society often falls behind in catching up. Today,  we are in such a situation, across the world.

The needs of the society and the goals of learning have changed dramatically. Many of our tools of learning have been blunted and powerful new ones have emerged. But we are stuck in a time warp. We are fighting obsolete problems with old tools, while new challenges and opportunities are all around us.

This has given rise to a range of issues making our education ineffective, inefficient, unfair and uninteresting. We have to fix this and we have our work cut out for us.

This is a forum to discuss all that – our stories, problems, challenges, opportunities and  solutions related to this transformation of education.

Welcome to the dialog!


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